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Timothy Bloom ‘The Budding Rose’ EP!

1 Mar

Almost two weeks ago Interscope recording artist Timothy Bloom released a video titled ‘Until the end of time’. The video got quite some recogniztion from blogging sites and celebrities like Ciara. The video has been climbing its way up on YouTube. Earlier yesterday Timothy Bloom lets his new and old fans know there will be an EP released soon.

Timothy Bloom

“THIS JUST IN!! My EP entitled “The Budding Rose” will be available on Itunes March 8th for your listening pleasure! Thanks for all the support from all the new fans in my life!”

I’m for sure going to download that!


Wendy Williams on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

1 Mar

Today Wendy Williams revealed to her audience that she will be on season 12 of ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ how do you think the Knock knee‘d ‘Queen of all media’ talk show host will do?

alongside Wendy Williams will be Kirstie Alley, Chris Jericho, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Kendra Wilkinson, Romeo Miller a.k.a Lil Romeo, Disney actress Chelsea Kane,Ralph Macchio,Petra Nemcova,Hines Ward, andMike Catherwood, aka Psycho Mike

Nicki Minaj next single from #pinkfriday album.

1 Mar

Nicki Minaj is still cruising up the charts with her single ‘Moment for life‘ and has now revealed her next single. Put your number two’s in the air if you ‘did it on em’. The Bangladesh produced track ‘did it on em’ will be the Barbies next single to her album #pinkfriday.

Christina Aguilera arrested for pubic intoxication.

1 Mar

Maybe Christina Aguilera has been drinking a little too much, that would explain flubbing the National Anthem at the Superbowl and stumbling at the 53rd Grammys after performing. Since her and hubby Jordan Bratman split the Recording Artist hasnt had to much good luck

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