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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose hit up red carpet.

18 Mar

Amber Rose and new bf Wiz Khalifa hit up the red carpet @ MTVu‘s Woodie Awards. Wiz Khalifa performed ‘black and yellow‘ and took home “woodie of the year’ w/e that is. What do you think of Khalifa and Rose as a couple?


Chris Brown hangs up on Radio Host!

15 Mar

According to Necole Bitchie

Yesterday evening, Chris Brown hung up on a radio DJ at Miami Radio station 99 Jamz after she asked about his nude photos that leaked online over a week ago. The interview was going pretty good up until then.

Read more: Chris Brown Hangs Up On Radio Host | Necole

Check out the Interview below.

Rihanna in Vogue Magazine!

15 Mar

This is just a peek of Rihanna Rocking that flaming hot red hair in Vogue Magazine. Rihanna shows of her curvy body in Vogues 10th annual shape issue.


Video: Rihanna on Chelsea Lately.

11 Mar

Nicki Minaj shoots “Superbass” video.

11 Mar

Nicki Minaj on the set of her new video “Superbass” earlier this year this video was boom boom boom bass all over Youtube when Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez where videoed qouting the lyrics to the track. In a recent post I stated that it would be hot to see a cameo of the three. What do you think? Check out the behind the scenes footage here.

Chris Brown talks Blond Hair and his sexuality.

10 Mar

On Jokes About His Blond Hair
“I was even laughing at some of the jokes on Twitter. I got ‘gold dust,’ ‘Amber Rose,’ ‘Sisqo.’ But I just laugh at them. I don’t care about people’s opinions as much anymore.”

On His Blond Hair Being Inspired By F.A.M.E.
“It’s just something I needed to change. I think artistically, where I’m at creatively, mentally with my project, with my art, me painting, and just becoming a man and just finding myself, I’m really just doing me. I’m being a rock star. If I wanna dye my hair purple tomorrow, I might just change it up. It’s all about how I’m just living life and having fun.”

On Rumors About His Sexuality Because of His New Style
“I’m still strictly with the ladies!”
Listen to the interview here

Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’ video leaks!

9 Mar

Just a minute ago @chrisbrown sent out this tweet.  Continue reading

New Video: Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland ‘Gone’

8 Mar

Antoine Dodson in “Rick Roll” Film.

8 Mar

The YouTube sensation Antoine Dodsos is starring in a new film with other YouTube “Stars”.

Viral video legends unite for the movie the world has been waiting for! All star cast includes Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow, Leeroy Jenkins, Boom Goes The Dynamite, Freakout Kid and Numa Numa. Produced by Andrew Fischer

According to Kid Fury

I‘m still sort of processing what I’ve just seen, but it seems like Antoine Dodson and his microbraids are starring in a very low-budget parody film called The Chronicles of Rick Roll. The movie features a bunch of Youtube sensations gathered together with a play on movies like Alice in Wonderland,Inception and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Hide ya kids, hide, ya wife!

Lil Kim Black Friday finally here and features Nicki Minaj Collaboration.

8 Mar

Lil Kim’s #blackfriday mixtape is finally here. After almost a month from its release date #blackfriday has arrived featuring @RealWizKhalifa@myfabolouslife @kerihilson @nickiminaj @birdman @rickyrozay@redcafe @rihanna and @lilboosie. Earlier today Man Down ft Rihanna leaked and the kids went crazy talking about how hot is was. In addition Kim has a collabartion with King Nicki Minaj now how do you like them apples. I’m sure this was before the feud as Lil Kim calls it. Check out the mixtape below. Continue reading