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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose hit up red carpet.

18 Mar

Amber Rose and new bf Wiz Khalifa hit up the red carpet @ MTVu‘s Woodie Awards. Wiz Khalifa performed ‘black and yellow‘ and took home “woodie of the year’ w/e that is. What do you think of Khalifa and Rose as a couple?


Has Amber Rose gained too much weight?

14 Mar

Sporting Leopard print tights Amber Rose was spotted running saturday in Beverly Hills, California. According to Necole Bitchie Rose has a new gig as radio host for Sirius Foxxhole radio. Has Amber Rose put on an extra few pounds???

Chris Brown talks Blond Hair and his sexuality.

10 Mar

On Jokes About His Blond Hair
“I was even laughing at some of the jokes on Twitter. I got ‘gold dust,’ ‘Amber Rose,’ ‘Sisqo.’ But I just laugh at them. I don’t care about people’s opinions as much anymore.”

On His Blond Hair Being Inspired By F.A.M.E.
“It’s just something I needed to change. I think artistically, where I’m at creatively, mentally with my project, with my art, me painting, and just becoming a man and just finding myself, I’m really just doing me. I’m being a rock star. If I wanna dye my hair purple tomorrow, I might just change it up. It’s all about how I’m just living life and having fun.”

On Rumors About His Sexuality Because of His New Style
“I’m still strictly with the ladies!”
Listen to the interview here

Lil Kim Black Friday finally here and features Nicki Minaj Collaboration.

8 Mar

Lil Kim’s #blackfriday mixtape is finally here. After almost a month from its release date #blackfriday has arrived featuring @RealWizKhalifa@myfabolouslife @kerihilson @nickiminaj @birdman @rickyrozay@redcafe @rihanna and @lilboosie. Earlier today Man Down ft Rihanna leaked and the kids went crazy talking about how hot is was. In addition Kim has a collabartion with King Nicki Minaj now how do you like them apples. I’m sure this was before the feud as Lil Kim calls it. Check out the mixtape below. Continue reading

Chris Browns F.A.M.E Album leaks!

8 Mar

Earlier today Chris Brown’sF.A.M.E‘ album leaked and the fans went crazy. Somehow Chris Brown’s fourth studio album ‘F.A.M.E’ managed to leak just like his third ‘Graffiti‘. First it was the photos from the 2009 beating between him and Rihanna, then the blonde hair. He didnt stop their the naked photos, now the F.A.M.E album. Fans Are My Everything couldnt be more of an appropriate title, fans tweet great things to Chris Brown in refrence to his album leaking. Continue reading

Chris Brown naked photos leaked!

4 Mar

Earlier today R&B singers naked photos got leaked to World Star Hip Hop. Allegedly the R&B singers ex leaked his naked cell phone pics. Could this be another publicity stunt to promote record sales. If so good job Chris Breezy after seeing this im definetley going to get the album and you should too F.A.M.E March 22nd but until then check out Chris Brown nude below.

*Viewer discretion advised* Continue reading

Chris Brown the painter #breezyart.

2 Mar

Chris Brown is a painter, yes a painter, recently the R&B singer showed of his blonde hair. Now he reveals to the world Breezy Art its actually Kind of cute.  Chris has been doing a lot of outlandish things to promote his new album F.A.M.E which hits stores March 22nd. Check out the breezy art below. Continue reading

Chris Brown goes BLONDE!

28 Feb

I’m sure you guys have heard about @ChrisBrown going blonde. Well I’ve been so busy this weekend that I didnt until I was watching 106 & Park today and fans werent to pleased. I could say so much about this R/B singers blonde do. Is this a cry for help, Does Chris want his fans to know “something” about him. Chris Brown sent out a tweet Saturday saying “look at me now” along with the pic above which is the first single pf his upcoming album F.A.M.E. which will be released March 22.Check out pics of Chris Browns blonde hair below. What do you think!

Timothy Bloom almost lost his life.

24 Feb

Singer/Songwriter Timothy Bloom Thanks fans for the support of his debut video ‘Until the end of time’ ft Veronika Bozeman. Bloom took to his Facebook to say this:

“Hello to you all, I just want to thank everyone for the support of the song and the video… I did the video not knowing the outcome, but knowing where I was mentally, I truly almost lost my life. And I wanted to express myself in the rawest form. ” From Birth”.. Music and Love is Universal, Let’s not separate ourselves from it… ♥ In Full Bloom”

Check out the video

*Parental Advisory*

Nelly and Kelly get sexy for ‘Gone’ video shoot.

24 Feb

Nelly and Kelly get hot in Cancun, Mexico on the set of ‘Gone’. Nelly and Kelly turn it out for the sequel to there 2001 hit Dilemma. Check out candid shots below.